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Click Slideshow to view Beautiful Landscape of Padi fields and mist at YuanYang and Luoping
LuoPingCheersMisty Jinji-Rapseed flower farmRapeseed Flower fieldA BoyKidsSunrise at JinJiGood Morning! JinJiEXHIBIT 2E: HARMONYChildren at work in the fieldMountain RangeLouSi whorl-like terraceLuosi Terrace Field( 螺絲田)A closer view of  the Rapeseed Flower FarmRapeseed Flower Farm at Luoping, YunnanCreative Rapeseed Flower FarmLuosi Field, 螺絲田EXHIBIT 5A: Dawn at DuoYishu ( 多依樹-元陽)Mother's Love

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Beautify colors and creative compositions. One of my favorite galleries.
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